Sale! LEGO Community People Set
LEGO Community People Set
  • Introduces children to the variety of people and occupations that make up a community
  • Includes 20 unique LEGO® DUPLO® figures representing various people found in a community, such as a firefighter, doctor, and baby, as well as a wheelchair, which can be used with any figure
  • Includes two online activity videos with quick starter ideas
  • Great addition to any LEGO DUPLO set
2+ yrs
21 Figure
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Sale! LEGO Duplo XL Bricks Set – 560 Pcs
LEGO Duplo XL Bricks Set – 560 Pcs
  • Great for large-group construction and creativity
  • Includes 562 bricks, shapes, and characters
  • Includes two double-sided inspiration cards with model and building ideas.
1+ yrs
Included: 562 Bricks
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Sale! Lego Education – Build Me “Emotions” 45018
Lego Education – Build Me “Emotions” 45018
Kids will determine different colors, simple digital operation, free drawing and understanding the clock. Stimulate kids imagination ability and hand-eye coordination.
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Sale! Lego Education – Café & Set with Storage 45004
Lego Education – Café & Set with Storage 45004
Stimulate children to play and collaborate as they construct various food items and learn to sort, count, match and pattern. The unique and colourful bricks, as well as menu and recipe cards, inspired language and role play around restaurants, shopping and people’s needs. Children will naturally be practising basic math as they play with this engaging set.
  • Integrates with any shop or kitchen area present in your preschool
  • Includes a menu card and five recipe cards, which encourage collaboration, role-play, and building
  • Includes special coin elements to teach about making purchases and numbers
  • Includes an activity card with inspirational teaching ideas
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Sale! LEGO Education DUPLO Playground Set with Storage Box
LEGO Education DUPLO Playground Set with Storage Box
  • 104-piece LEGO Education DUPLO playground set
  • Includes the components for assembling an interactive playground scene with elements such as slides, seesaws, and go-karts, as well as other accessories
  • Two building cards and a teacher booklet guide students through assembly and provide opportunities for role-playing and problem solving
  • Encourages language development, design planning, and understanding of shape, color, position, and numeracy
  • Supports a group of four students, ages two to five years
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Sale! LEGO Education-Simple Machines Set
LEGO Education-Simple Machines Set
Features 16 principle models, four main models and four problem-solving models that enable students to investigate and understand the operation of simple and compound machines found in everyday life: gears, wheels and axles, levers and pulleys. It comes with scripted teachers manual, visual step-out booklets, bricks to complete the projects and a cd to print related worksheets. Students are introduced to basic physical science concepts such as gears, pulleys, levers, and wheels and axles through observation, reasoning, prediction, and critical thinking.
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Sale! LEGO Large DUPLO Building Plates
LEGO Large DUPLO Building Plates

Two large 38 cm x 38 cm (15″ x 15″) LEGO® DUPLO® stud building plates provide the perfect foundation for a preschooler’s creativity.

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Sale! LEGO® SOFT Starter Set
LEGO® SOFT Starter Set
  • Develops physical skills and spatial awareness
  • Includes large, flexible blocks in four basic colors: red, blue, yellow, and green
Key Learning Values:
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Gross Motor Skills
84 Large flexible bricks.
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Sale! Tech Machines Set with Storage
Tech Machines Set with Storage
  • Introduces young minds to basic engineering concepts
  • Includes four screwdrivers with integrated screws for joining special bricks together
  • Includes two inspirational building cards with building instructions for two pieces of construction equipment
  • Includes an activity booklet with quick ideas
Key Learning Values:
  • Problem Solving
  • Creativity
  • Fine Motor Skills
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